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Kentucky Youth Soccer Interviews Liverpool Ladies Goalkeeper Libby Stout!

Kentucky Youth Soccer Interviews Liverpool Ladies Goalkeeper Libby Stout! 


Former Kentucky Youth Soccer Player and former WKU Goalkeeper, Libby Stout, signed with the Liverpool Ladies in January 2014. Kentucky Youth Soccer was privileged to be able to interview Stout on her career. 


Have you always wanted to be a goalkeeper?  Why did you stick with that position?

I have not always wanted to be a keeper. I actually started out playing as a striker, but around age 12 I moved to the position when my club team was in need of one. After I changed positions I never looked back and really enjoyed playing goalkeeper.


What is your favorite part about being a goalkeeper?

My favorite thing about being a keeper is the pressure. I really enjoy having the pressure of not making a mistake. I also like being the person who has that pressure on them, so that I can take that burden away from my teammates. Also, the leadership that the position demands has always been appealing to me and suits my personality well.


Click here to see the entire interview with Libby!