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News Article

Tom Brown attended a U.S. Soccer Training Center on Wednesday April 30 held in Westfield, Indiana
The U.S. Soccer Training Center program aims to identify the best players for the U.S. Soccer Youth National Team program. Training Center events are open to the top players from any team, club or organization at no cost to the player.  - taken from U.S. Soccer website
Tom is a member of the KFJ U13 Premier Boys team and along with his participation with Kentucky ODP received an invitation to the center.  Brett Gregory, KFJ Director of Operations attended the training center with Tom and said, "The play was very fast and obviously featured a highly talented group of players but I thought Tom stuck in and was able to keep pace with the play."   Tom said, "It was a great experience and opportunity.  The play was really fast and had a lot of one and two touch play, the running off the ball was also very quick so it was challenging, but fun too!"   Tom was one of only 4 players to attend this event from Kentucky and as a 2001 birth year was one of the youngest involved with the event.