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The Kentucky Fire Juniors has 3 distinct programs:



The Fire Juniors Premier Program is for the serious soccer player who aspires to play at the highest level of elite travel soccer. Competing at the state, regional and national levels require a commitment to training, games, tournaments and travel. The program is year round with extensive training indoor and outdoor. Players are placed on teams based on ability and competition for roster and pool spots is high. The Premier level teams receive exposure at the top tournaments around the country and the program is specifically designed for those players looking to play soccer in high school, college and beyond. A ‘Premier’ boys or girls team will practice either twice or three times per week.



The Fire Juniors Select Program is for the soccer player who wishes to participate in a high quality, developmental, travel soccer program that emphasizes a more community-based approach. Time commitment is less than the premier program and travel consists of local leagues and mainly in-state tournaments. The program does include indoor training during the winter months. Players are placed on teams through the tryout process with criteria for selection being based on ability, commitment and logistics. A Fire Juniors club may have a number of select teams per age group depending on the size of the club. A ‘Select’ boys or girls team will practice twice per week.



The Fire Juniors Project 2020 is the latest innovation from the Chicago Fire. Putting the development of its youngest players first, the CFJ will select U8 Boys and U8 Girls to be a part of Project 2020 which is named after the year these young players could potentially graduate into the Chicago Fire Academy.  CFJ Technical Director Larry Sunderland, the founder and developer of the program said, "Placing a club's top coaching resources with the youngest players is something that just isn’t done in the United States. Economics, coaching agenda and a "win at all cost" mentality – even at these ages – are just some of the reasons our players are not getting the soccer foundation they need. This is certainly a step in the right direction and an investment in player development that the Chicago Fire Juniors are taking very seriously". Each year a new project group will be selected at tryouts. During the 2011-12 season the selection of players will be called Project 2020 and the 2012-13 group will called project 2021.