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KFJ Spring Newsletter: Issue Three

As our break from soccer continues, we wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to compile some information not only on our plans for the remainder of the season, but at home training ideas for all of our players. We understand this is a much less than ideal situation, but we are still committed to doing our part to keep the lines of communication with our teams and players open during this time!

KFJ Spring Newsletter: Issue Two

While Spring Break wasn't officially scheduled until the end of the month, circumstances have led to all of us taking that break a couple weeks early. We're right there with you all in wishing that we were back on the field with our team, but we will always prioritize the health and safety of our players in these matters. During this extended time away from one another be on the lookout for emails from coaches and club staff on how we can continue to find ways to make soccer a part of our routines!

In this issue of our newsletter, we've included more information on Mockingbird Valley Premier and some at home training tools to take advantage of during the break so keep reading to learn more!

KFJ Spring Newsletter: Issue One

We are officially kicking off the Spring Season and are so excited to get back outdoors with all of our teams. The spring brings changes to the club for one, but opens opportunities for others. Plus, get a look at the Oxmoor Field layout now that we have completed our improvements from last Fall.

KFJ Winter Newsletter: Issue Eight

KFJ teams competed in their first events of 2020 this past weekend and even more teams will kick off their spring seasons at events this weekend! With things for the spring season continuing to fall into place, we wanted to make sure everyone was prepared for a full slate of training sessions and games. In our final winter issue of the newsletter, we've included links to our full spring training schedule, tips on social media usage during the college recruitment process, and more information on our KFJ Senior Celebration for the Class of 2020!

KFJ Winter Newsletter: Issue Seven

We're hard at work finalizing game and training schedules for our spring season, but that hasn't stopped our teams and players from taking advantage of the winter break to continue to improve! Check out this issue of our club newsletter to learn more about Lilly Lund & Coach Mike's trip to Tampa for the USYS ODP National Training Camp, some nutritional tips to make sure you're ready to go this spring, and the bios for our 2005 Boys Coaches!

KFJ Winter Newsletter: Issue Six

As we continue to work through our winter training portion of the season, some of our players and coaches have been taking advantage of this time to participate in events across the country. In this issue of the newsletter, we'll highlight some of these trips and what our coaches brought back from their experiences on the road.

We'll also be utilizing our winter training sessions as a time to meet with players and their parents to discuss the college recruiting process, player evaluations, and individual development plans. We've included more information on upcoming college information seminars for both our high school boys and girls in this newsletter so keep reading to learn more!!

KFJ Winter Newsletter: Issue Five

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2020! With a new year comes new opportunities for our teams, players, and coaches to improve, grow, and excel both on and off the field. We're excited to see what comes of these new opportunities and were confident in the continued success of our club as we move into a new decade.

In this issue of our newsletter, we'll share more information on the SportsRecruits platform, a full Winter II Training schedule, and the bios of two more of our coaches so keep reading to learn more!!

2019 Winter Newsletter: Issue Four

After this past weekend, all of our games for the 2019 season have officially been completed. We'll wrapping up our training schedule and begin a club wide winter break this week as well. It's been another incredible year for our club and we're looking forward to continuing to find success in the 2020. Thank you all for everything that you've contributed to our club this year, the support of our Fire Family is what continues to allow us to find success and provide high level soccer opportunities for players in and around the Louisville area.

In the final 2019 issue of our newsletter, we've included a recap of our club's first appearance in the National League, a full list of spring events for our teams, and bios for our 2005 Girls coaches so keep reading for more information!

2019 Winter Newsletter: Issue Three

As we creep closer to the end of 2019, our teams continue work hard on the training grounds and compete even harder at their late fall showcases. It's been great having everyone back at the club and we're looking forward to ending the 2019 season on the high note as we wrap up winter training for our younger teams and our high school teams head to their final events for the year in the coming weeks.

In this issue of our newsletter, we'll share some information on the new Chicago Fire branding, introduce you to our 2008 Boys coaches, and update you on a couple of top level events that featured KFJ players and coaches.

2019 Winter Newsletter: Issue Two

A majority of our high school teams have competed in at least one showcase event at this time with teams travelling to Ohio and Indiana last weekend. This weekend, we have teams in North Carolina and Ohio as the showcase season continues to provide our older players with a chance to get back into the swing of things with their club teams.

In this issue of the newsletter, you'll learn more about our Players First campaign, all our latest college signees from the Class of 2020, the coaches in our 2008 girls age group, and updated information on our upcoming KFJ Member Appreciation Day!

2018 Fall Newsletters

Issue One - Welcome Back! (7/18/18)

Issue Two - Get to Know our KFJ Staff (8/1/18)

Issue Three - The Fall Season is Here! (8/15/18)

Issue Four - Game Time! (8/29/18)

Issue Five - Tournaments & League Play are Underway! (9/12/18)

Issue Six - KFJ Fall Invitational Time (9/26/28)

Issue Seven - Wrapping up the Fall Season (10/10/18)

Issue Eight - It Finally Feels Like Fall (10/24/18)

2018 - 2019 Winter Newsletters

Issue One - Time for Winter Training (11/7/18)

Issue Two - Showcase Season (11/28/18)

Issue Three - Wrapping up 2018 (12/12/18)

Issue Four - Happy New Year! (1/15/19)

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Issue Six - Indoor Training is Heating Up (2/13/19)

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Issue Eight - The 2019 Spring Season is Here! (3/6/19)

2019 Spring Newsletters

Issue One - Back Outdoors and Back in Action (3/14/19)

Issue Two - Spring Break is on the Horizon (3/27/19)

Issue Three - Back from Break & Ready to Go (4/10/19)

Issue Four - State Tournament Preparation (4/24/19)

Issue Five - Getting Ready for Tryouts! (5/8/19)

Issue Six - It's the Final Countdown (5/22/19)

2019 Summer Newsletters

Issue One - Wrapping up the 2018-2019 Season (6/5/19)

Issue Two - Wrapping up the Summer (7/18/19)

2019 Fall Newsletters

Issue One - The 2019 Fall Season is Finally Here! (7/31/19)

Issue Two - Fall is Here, but Things are Just Heating Up! (8/14/19)

Issue Three - Tournament Time! (8/28/19)

Issue Four - Midseason Update (9/11/19)

Issue Five - KFJ Fall Invitational Time! (9/25/19)

Issue Six - End of the Season Push (10/9/19)

Issue Seven - Wrapping up Fall & Preparing for Winter (10/23/19)

2019-2020 Winter Newsletters

Issue One - Winter Training Time!